Love In All Its Forms

Love. Unconditional or platonic, new or weathered. Doesn’t every human crave love in some form? But we get so fixated on trying to find love or someone we want to pursue a relationship with that we forget the love right in front of us.

The unconditional love of our parents, and the way our grandparents beam with pride at our smallest achievements. It’s the friend who makes you feel great about your life decisions, the one who speaks to you on the phone for two hours about anything and everything. It’s the cousin who runs to see you every time you see each other, the moments of genuine friendship with a colleague.

It’s not bending over to someone else’s selfishness, it’s not second guessing their motives. It’s transparent. It’s life without awkward silences and small talk. Instead filled with laughter, deep and meaningful chat, and sometimes comfortable silence.

Togetherness in a world where we can feel so alone.


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