A List of Everyday Pleasures That Delight Me

I stumbled across Bianca’s blog recently (I know, late to the party, but I’m enjoying the binge reading), and one post I really enjoyed reading was her delight list – a list of everyday pleasures.

Things have been a bit bleak around these parts recently, so it’s time to share some positivity of my very own list of everyday pleasures:

  • A song I’m currently loving, or haven’t heard in a while, pop up unexpectedly on the radio, Spotify or my iPod.
  • Delicious cups of tea.
  • How skinny jeans fit so perfectly after they’ve been washed.
  • Hearing someone else laugh at my witty quip or joke. It sends warm and fuzzy feelings through my body.
  • The kindness of strangers.
  • Living on the same road as my grandma. She worked so hard to get us all to where we are today, and I know these moments won’t last forever.
  • Having friends who always make me feel great about my life decisions.
  • Having friends who always make me question life decisions.
  • The brutal honesty of my best friend. I love her tough love approach.
  • Opening a new book that I’m excited to read.
  • The delightful smell of new books.
  • WhatsApp group chats with friends about anything and everything.
  • When my favourite bloggers publish a shiny, new post. It’s like my birthday has come early.
  • Seeing Titanic on TV again, even though my beloved DVD is nearly always in my laptop ready to be played.
  • Compliments from friends, colleagues, family, and anyone else who is so kind.
  • Avocados at their optimum ripe stage.

What’s on your list of everyday pleasures?



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