12 Important Lessons I Learnt in 2016

Even though the year isn’t quite over yet, it’s getting to the stage in the year where we start to reflect on everything that’s happened since January – what went wrong, what went right, the things we enjoyed, and the moments we’d rather forget*. So as I reflect on the previous 11 months, here are some important lessons I’ve learnt along the way:

1. People who talk about how much money they have are usually the ones who are relying on overdrafts and credit cards to get through the month. Don’t be fooled by people who seem flashy, and are good at talking the talk.

2. The same applies to intelligence.

3. Some people feed off being centre of attention 24/7, the subject of office gossip or telling everyone the most minute details about their love life. It’s okay to not want to be that person.

4. His/her feelings for her/him is no reflection on your worth.

5. Buying a house is stressful, but losing out on a house days before you’re about to exchange contracts because the vendor couldn’t get a mortgage is heartbreaking. By that point you’ve already imagined yourself in that place, thinking about what furniture looks good where. Always ask if there’s a mortgage offer in compliance and if there’s an onward chain early on in the process.

6. Be open about your feelings, and how others make you feel. Sometimes all it needs is an honest chat.

7. Those who post the most on social media – especially selfies and long statuses about how great their lives are – are usually the ones who are most insecure.

8. Is there a better sound than hearing people laugh at your jokes?

9. When your closest friends are dotted all over the country – or world, even – it can be very lonely. Especially when you all you want to do is see your best friend after a hideous day of work.

10. Aldi’s fresh fruit and veg section is everything. Most of it lasts a really long time too which is an added bonus if you’re often cooking for one.

11. Yes, Tinder can feel tedious, predictable and demoralising 99.9% of the time. But the remainder was totally worth all those moments wasted spent swiping left.

12. A squirrel’s nest is called a drey.

What are the key lessons you’ve learnt this year?

*Now there’s an idea for a blog post.


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