Help, I’m Getting Attached

He said he didn’t want anything more than to be friends with benefits. He hasn’t changed his mind. But he was also so curious about how our first date went, and why I held back during our first kiss.

We speak most days. Nearly every day, in fact. We share about our days, I get his opinion on things that are important to me, and I tell him things before I even tell my best friend – sometimes instead of her. We’re overstepping the friends with benefits mark, aren’t we? I know we are. We get told not to get attached, but that’s what I’m doing, I’m getting attached. And now what?

I feel myself waiting to hear from him, caring about his opinion, and what he thinks of me. Because even though I said it would be okay, that I would be okay with this friends with benefits situation, I’m not sure I am … emotionally.

 I have to end this thing, don’t I?


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