The Week • The Good Things

Weekend mornings are my favourite.

The agenda usually consists of some lazy time in front of the TV with tea and toast in my pyjamas before tackling the laundry, and other errands I need to run before I get onto the adventures of the day.

I was feeling unenthusiastic about pretty much everything last week, but I woke up on Monday determined to beat that feeling with extra fire in my belly.

And you know what? It worked, I had a wonderful week. That’s the law of attraction for you.

I spent a lot of the weekend doing personal admin, you know the sort – filling in forms, organising finances, doing a supermarket sweep, making sure I have clean clothes to wear on Monday, and cleaning the house. But that’s life.

Without further ado, here’s the things I’ve been loving this week …

Titanic soundtrack – I really do struggle to concentrate without music and when I’m in full ‘let’s get shit done’ mode soundtracks or Ludovico Einaudi get top pick. It’s no secret that I love Titanic, and the soundtrack is the cherry on top of a beautiful masterpiece. I always picture Rose’s face looking up at Jack and Cal, as she’s being lowered away in the lifeboat. Sob.

Recognition at work – It’s always nice to have hard work recognised, and well, my colleagues had a damn good attempt at inflating my ego this week. It seems I’m pretty good at pretending I know what I’m doing 😉

WhatsApp chats – You know those chats with bae (I vommed a little) when he’s a little drunk, and he’s messaging you on his way home? Well, we had one of those this week, and I think I like talking to drunk M more than sober M! I did a lot of goofy smiling during that conversation!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams – These liquid lipsticks are the dream. They’re so pigmented, fairly long lasting, and there’s so many to choose from! Stockholm is an every day nude that I wear almost daily, but the bolder colours? They terrify me! But if I can tell a boy I have feelings for him, I can wear a bright lip, right?!

FaceTime – My best friend is originally from Germany, and she likes to do that thing where she’s exploring every country she can whilst studying (at the moment she’s in Madrid). I haven’t seen her in four years, but I never feel as if our friendship is awkward or on a slow fade. And I always feel so great after speaking to her … if that isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is.


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