Here’s to Writing Every Single Day in December

I missed out on #NaNoWriMo again this year. Nobody is to blame but myself. I always do this, I think of things too late. I can be punctual to work, I can arrive at the train station 30 minutes before my train gets in … but everything else? Too late. But I set myself the challenge anyway, of writing and self-publishing my own novel in 2017. Because what is life without challenges? And why the heck not?

I’m really excited about it. December is all about long weekends for me, thanks to excess annual leave, and I’m looking forward to dedicating serious amounts of time to write. (In between wrapping Christmas presents and eating chocolate of course).

In case writing a novel wasn’t enough, I decided to add to the ‘workload’ of my hobby. I want to blog every day in December (or #blogmas as it’s being dubbed across the blogosphere). You see, I have half-finished blog posts in my drafts, of things I’d love to tell you about, and things that haven’t even made it onto the page yet. I haven’t planned it all out yet because I like to go with the flow when it comes to writing, but I will be writing about: what’s been happening in my dating life, the highs of 2016 (and the lows), with a novel update, plus a few bits on Gilmore Girls, current affairs, and that sort of thing thrown into the mix.

Day one? Tick.


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