The Week • The Good Things

I’ve been a bit of a stress head over the last couple of weeks.

There’s been a few things going on in my personal life that have been occupying my mind, and before I knew it I was stress eating peanut M&Ms and crying to 13 Going On 30 on a Saturday night because oh hello, hormones.

But I went back to my university city last weekend for a little reunion. I took it as a break from reality (and writing), and it was definitely needed. We updated each other on our lives, went down a nostalgic route, all with a couple of gins in hand. Isn’t it amazing what 24 hours with your best friends can do?

Gilmore Girls – Talking of nostalgia, I’ve been indulging on the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival this week. It’s one of my favourite programmes (back then and now) so waiting nine years to hear those final four words was a little overwhelming! I didn’t like the ending at first, but after giving it a bit more thought, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s ended.

Hannah Gale – This girl is completely bossing it at the moment. There’s something so wonderful about watching a vlog or reading a blog post, and feeling as though it’s one of your best friends chatting to you. Hannah is totally relatable, witty, and down-to-earth … plus, we both come from the same area of the world. Don’t forget to check out her YouTube and blog if you haven’t already!

Chocolate for ‘breakfast’ – It’s that time of the year where chocolate for a second breakfast has been quietly legitimised. I don’t usually buy myself advent calendars but I did get gifted two this year which I’ve kept at work … you know, to stress eat when everything is getting a bit too much. That’s how it works, right?

On that note, it’s time to eat some delicious breakfast whilst watching last week’s Made in Chelsea. Weekend mornings are my favourite.


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