The Week • The Good Things

I’m emotionally drained.

This week has been highly charged, a rollercoaster of emotions, enough to say I’ve probably hated more of this week than I have enjoyed it. It’s just one of those things, it happens. I’ve also eaten a ton load of terrible food in the process … because this girl comfort eats.

I’m finally going to get round to watching The Affair this weekend. Has anyone seen it?

Onto my highlights of the week:

Friends – I was feeling so down about the M situation at the beginning of the week (and I still do) but a simple WhatsApp conversation with my best friend lifted my spirits. She’s honestly the best person who has ever walked into my life voluntarily. If anything it served as a reminder that I am not alone. Friendship really is the most valuable currency.

O2 Priority App – For one reason or another (mainly Christmas but also for some personal reasons), I’ve been really watching where I’ve been spending my money this week. Attempting to write a book and blogging every day this month have kept my mind away from online shopping in the evenings, but I’ve been loving O2’s Priority app even more than usual for those little freebie perks.

Writing and reading more – Ever since I decided to embark on this journey of self-publishing my own novel, I figured the only way to elevate myself as a writer is to read more, and write more. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m seeking out new opportunities for my writing to be read by others (scary!) and reading more than ever. I have a stockpile of library books on my desk, spanning from Lindsey Kelk to Jose Saramago.


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