Goals for 2017

Before you all sigh at the thought of this being ANOTHER New Year’s resolutions post, please hear me out before you click off the browser.

I hate that term just as much as the next person, and I’m not going to preach to a “new year, new me” mantra or anything else as equally cliche. For one, I don’t think the start of a new year should be the only push to wipe the slate clean and work on your goals.

But if I didn’t set myself goals on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis then I’d never get anything done. I’m a girl of lists, and sometimes ticking a couple of tasks in a box is as good a motivator as any.

So, by the time I’m clinking champagne flutes on 31 December 2017, here’s a few things I’d love to have ticked off:

Visit Croatia – Ever since my friends and I went to Berlin, we decided we’d make our adventures abroad an annual affair. Croatia has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time, and I managed to plant that beautiful seed into the minds of my friends, so here’s hoping!

Finish the novel – At the risk of mentioning this novel again, it’s my main goal of 2017, so I couldn’t not include it. I’ve made a little head start on the writing front – because, why wait until 1 January? – and even though I’m questioning my abilities every few hundred words, having something completed by this time next year would be ace.

Monetise this blog – I’d love to elevate this blog so I’m in the position to monetise it a little bit … this does mean publicising it on social media channels, but I’ve always been a bit sceptical about not being an anonymous blogger – simply because I’m such a private person IRL. But I think I’ve found a way to work around that. Watch this space.

Complete another half-marathon – I finally did my first half-marathon in 2015, and I’d love to complete another one. I’ve signed up for the biggest local one to me this time, and I’m super excited. Is that normal?!

What are you guys hoping to achieve in 2017?


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