A Round Up of The Best Posts on The Colloquial Alternative in 2016

I haven’t been blogging under the The Colloquial Alternative guise for long, since late August to be exact.

I’ve published 50 odd posts in that amount of time, which is quite a lot to get through if you’re new around these parts. So I thought I’d do a round up of some of the best posts – best in terms of most popular, but also in terms of which ones I enjoyed writing the most.

Consider this the TL;DR of blog posts.

Us millennials (does anyone else hate that term a little bit?) are always reminded of how rent is more expensive than ever and food prices have increased, leaving little room to save, or spend money on little luxuries like travel. My lemonade budget managed to stretch to a little helping of a  champagne lifestyle this year.

M moved cities this year. Were things about to change between us? How would things change? I transformed the worries in my head into a post … and reading back on it made me realise how much simpler things were back then. I also wrote about the important lessons that 2016 taught me – about social media lives, trying (and failing) to buy a house, and the things that are really important to me.

I celebrated my 25th birthday in October. Apart from feeling incredibly old, I took a little look back on how my younger self would see me now. And finally, I wrote about how 2016 has been my becoming. In between all the political events, I finally got to a place where I could open the doors of opportunity. This is my becoming.


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