Don’t Shit On Someone Else’s Dream

I was supposed to publish a post today on my favourite apps this year (and in hindsight, maybe that would have been a little dull?), but then … something happened. Something kinda big. It’s been a pretty eventful week to say the least, and I want this blog to be as honest and as transparent as I can be, which is quite a lot considering it’s anonymous.

I’m still trying to get my head around it all, but let’s save the big juicy news for Sunday, shall we? I promise it’s good.

M and I were a bit on the patchy side over the weekend, with him saying he wasn’t impressed with me, but he couldn’t even tell me what I’d done wrong. Frustrating. We decided to ride it out, and even though he annoyed me, he called me out of the blue on Monday evening.

We spoke about the book … He’d offered to proof-read it and I appreciated that, I really did. But he ripped into it (and me), pulling apart every detail – even the irrelevant ones. He didn’t have a single positive word to say, and as much as I appreciate constructive feedback, he was being absolutely cruel. Word after word was negative, and he wouldn’t stop.

I suppose it’s burnt me a bit, because I haven’t written a word of that book since. I don’t dare look at it, I deleted everything he read the next day, and I felt so ruddy shit about myself and my abilities. How the hell did I think I could write? Why did I choose that name? For something that means so much to me, it fucking hurt. Moral of the story: do not shit on someone else’s dreams.

Little did I know he was about to drop a big bomb on me, and the book was the least of my worries.


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