The Week • The Good Things

Christmas Eve.

The holiday season is finally here! Christmas feels a little more unlike Christmas every year but I must admit, I’ve really needed it this year. After the events of last week, I decided I wanted this week to be better … and so like that, it was. Isn’t it amazing what some positive energy and perspective can do?

Turning notifications off – Because of the nature of my job (marketing) and one of my main hobbies (blogging), I feel as if I’m constantly connected to the internet or a device in some way. So I’m looking forward to keeping my phone out of sight, and laptop off for a few days.

Pre-Christmas sales – It feels like a lifetime ago that I did my Christmas shopping (sorry not sorry for the humble brag), so all these pre-Christmas sales that are cropping up seem like the perfect time to do a little ‘to me, from me’ present giving haul. Because isn’t that the best way to show yourself some love?

Getting organised for 2017 – Whilst I’m not on the same level as Monica from Friends, I’m quite organised, I’ve been thinking about all those things I want to achieve at work next year. Colour coded spreadsheets and I are ready to make 2017 awesome on the organisation front.

Let me know what you’ve been enjoying this week! Have you picked up anything in the sales?


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