5 Things To Do During the Holidays

It’s the morning after Boxing Day, and I’ll admit I’ve been looking forward to regaining some routine back in my life. The last few days have mainly consisted of wearing pyjamas, visiting family, napping, eating and watching Harry Potter on TV. I can hardly complain.

But I’ve had my three blissful days of family time sans chores. And with six more days until I head back to work, I know I’ll feel a bit guilty when work comes around if I haven’t at least tried to be productive. So these next few days will see me ease back slowly into a routine with equal measures of productivity and relaxation.

If you’re feeling the same, my recommendations are below:

Go for long walks or runs in the countryside – I love a bit of fresh air and a long walk to destress the mind, be it on my lunch break or at the weekend. With all the festivities it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and sluggish, so I always try to squeeze in a couple of runs or walks into this holiday period. Even if the walk and fresh air is with the aim of hitting the Boxing Day sales.

See friends – I don’t know about you guys but it seems oh so impossible to catch up with friends these days. My friendship from school try to use the festive period to have an annual gathering at one of our favourite village pubs. Swapping the PJs for jeans is totally worth it.

Start a new TV series or boxset – I’m terrible at watching new TV series (there always seems to be something else I should be doing) but I finally started watching The Affair last night and even though I’m only a couple of episodes in, I’m already hooked. I’ll be rewarding my blog and book writing efforts with a couple of episodes each evening I think.

Make a finances spreadsheet – Now before you snooze at this one, please hear me out. Wouldn’t it be nice for 2017 to be the year when you have a grip on your finances? Creating a finances spreadsheet a few years back is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Get organised for 2017 – In between all of the above, I do enjoy spending these quieter days at the end of the year tidying up, clearing out, and planning for the new year. You know, all those little jobs we avoid throughout the year – do them now. I’ll be having a general declutter of things to donate to charity or family, mapping out my first couple of months of 2017, and getting ahead of my book word count.

How will you be spending these days up until 1 January?


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