Some of My Defining Moments of 2016

2016 has been an oddball of a year, and quite frankly, one that I’m ready to leave behind now. Tainted by the loss of many celebrities, and like many, I woke up to a dreaded feeling after big, political events more times than I wanted.

It’s also been quite odd on a personal level too. Whilst 2014 was the year I spent finding myself (as cliched as that sounds), 2015 was the year I started to build some steady foundations for my career, and 2016 … well, I’m not too sure. It’s been a mix of it all, really.

But, it’s important to pull out the good from the year too, even if it is like finding a needle in a haystack at times.

Mine is a mixture of big events and finding the joy in the every day which, even though it might seem insignificant to others, certainly felt significant to me.

Watching my big sister get married – My sister and her husband are the opposite of attention seekers so having a big wedding was never on the cards for them. Instead their wedding was discreet and intimate in my hometown, with only close friends and family invited. We had photos taken next in the town’s famous gardens and next to the cathedral, and I might have cried.

Heading to Berlin with two of the best friends a girl could ask for – Earlier this year, I finally ticked Berlin off my travel bucket list. Oh boy, it did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, and my highlights include walking from East Side Gallery, through Checkpoint Charlie all the way to the Brandenburg Gate before getting ridiculously merry in a lovely, independent bar. Head over to my Berlin city guide if you’re thinking about making a trip.

The ‘little’ trips that deserve mention – I really believe that spending money on experiences – be it a concert or visiting somewhere new – is never a waste, and I’d much rather put my hard earned pennies towards a flight than buy a designer handbag. As well as Berlin, this year I was lucky enough to see Athens for the first time and enjoy a weekend in the Cotswolds with friends.

Going to Google HQ in London – It was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments as my manager and I received a tour of one of the maze like Google offices in London. There were life size wooden Christmas Nutcracker figures, food halls with every food imaginable (in a message I wrote to my friend regaling the trip, I remember being oddly excited about describing the dessert cart and the seafood bar), and a bloomin’ library with sleep pods and a balcony for gardening.

Saving up enough for a house deposit – When I started my first full time job after university a couple of years ago, I had the big aim of growing my savings for a house deposit … and this year, I reached my target!

Now, over to you. I want to know – what are some of your favourite moments of 2016?


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