The Week • The Good Things

This week has been that lull in between Christmas and New Year, where there’s no fixed routine and we all forget what day it is. I love using this period to unwind, but also to get organised for the year ahead.

In between clearing out drawers and bringing in new skincare into my roster, I’ve been writing, catching up with friends, and recharging the batteries. I let things take a step back at the tail end of this year, but I want 2017 to be the year of pushing boundaries, heading outside my comfort zone, and all those other cliches we promise ourselves. But really, I want 2017 to be the year that I have fingers in too many pies.

Onto some of the good things I’m appreciating this week:

Getting creative – As you guys might know I’m hoping to self-publish my first novel next year. I know I harp on about it enough. And whilst I’m committed and pleased with the plot I’ve mapped out, a wave of inspiration came over me a couple of days ago … another idea. I’m excited about this one too.

You lovely, lovely readers – Whether you read one post or every one I write, comment, like or hit the follow button … thank you! It doesn’t go unnoticed, and I always appreciate how you guys take time out of your lives to interact. Thank you!

Family time – I’m extremely lucky to have most of my Mum’s immediate family live within an hour’s drive, so even though we see each other on the regular, it’s rare for us all to be together in one place. Christmas is the exception of course, and this year’s one went by without too many inevitable hiccups.

The Affair – Episodes of The Affair are my reward stickers for writing blog posts, book excerpts, and generally doing my post-Christmas, pre-NYE chores. I’m only on season one at the moment, but I love watching both Noah and Alison’s points of view – excellent writing that I wish I’d thought of myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe end to the year, however you’re celebrating!


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