Practising the Law of Attraction: Positivity Attracts Positivity

Like many others, I have big goals for 2017. Most of my resolutions or goals are tangible and measurable; save x amount by the end of the year, run a personal best, and run amount of miles before the year is up. They’re things I can track my progress with using my bank account or my running watch. But there’s one resolution that isn’t so tangible: adopting a more positive and healthier outlook.

2016 was a mixed bag for me. I was lucky to have more holidays (both at home and abroad) last year than any other year, and professionally it was a dream as I logged off for Christmas with a ‘you got this girl’ attitude. But emotionally, I was a mess. I wasn’t happy for a lot of the time – mainly through heartache at finding out people aren’t who you thought they were, and having a house purchase fall through. As the clock struck midnight on 1 January, I kindly asked for a better and kinder year.

I’m going into 2017 with a more positive mental attitude. I remember my Psychology teacher at school would say ‘sometimes a bit of positivity and self-belief can take a B grade to an A grade’*. Of course it wasn’t just about being positive, hard work was required too. But I’m hoping to adopt that same recipe of hard work and positivity into my 2017, to make it an A grade year.

Enough of the unnecessary comparison of a colleague’s weekend versus mine. If I choose to spend my weekend running and blogging instead of hitting the town red then I shouldn’t feel shame in that. It’s time for a little more positivity and self-love. Who is with me on this?

* And I did manage to get an A in Psychology. If that’s not proof then what is? 


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