The Week • The Good Things

We made it! The first week back to work after a break is always a bit difficult, isn’t it? My week has been a bit on the quiet side, focusing on ‘you do you’ attitude.

But there’s been plenty of positives, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

Routine – I’m very fortunate to have the period between Christmas and New Year’s off (it hasn’t always been the way!), and I find those days reminiscent of school holidays … aka bliss. But I felt a bit like a slob towards the end of it, so I’m super happy to have my routine back! Yes, including work… 😉

What We Did On Our Holiday – I spent New Year’s Day evening watching documentaries with my parents. We stumbled across this film, and we all absolutely loved it. It’s a British comedy, written by the same people who created Outnumbered, starring David Tennant and Rosamund Pike. Expect the same kind of family dynamics and laughs as with Outnumbered but with a few tears thrown into the mix too.

Gratitude – I’ve been practising the art of positivity and gratitude, attempting to make them a regular part of my daily life. This week I’ve been grateful for: cosy evenings with the family (see above), being able to afford heating, friends who make me feel important / valued, and knowing there’s better people out there than the ones I met in 2016.

Blogging less but writing more – I have to admit it feels a little weird not blogging every single day. As much as I enjoyed blogging so much in December, it’s nice to use some of that creativity towards other writing projects … aka the book. I’m also hoping to create a regular but more sustainable upload schedule this year. I’ll most definitely be posting on Saturday and Sundays, but I haven’t decided on a week day slot yet. Do you have any preferences? What would you like to read more or less of? All constructive feedback welcome!

How was your week?


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