The Week • The Good Things

Isn’t it a bugger when all motivation for your New Year goals comes to a crashing halt all at once?

I suppose that sums up my week entirely as all intentions to publish a midweek post failed this week, along with my fitness and healthy eating goals. But I’m keeping up the positive attitude, a minor setback of a week, and I’m ready to kick those goals in the butt once again.

The Intern – Megs from Wonderful You’s tweets on this film were enough for me to log into my Now TV account, and devour this all at once. Robert DeNiro plays a 70 year old widower who becomes the latest intern at the startup Anne Hathaway’s character founded. It’s a feel-good comedy and perfect for quashing those Sunday evening blues. I hope I’m not the only one who cried a couple of times during it though. (If you’re going to sign up to Now TV, don’t forget to use the likes of Quidco to get some cashback).

Ed Sheeran – Now I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for this man because we both come from the same county, but his latest songs, Shape of You and Castle on the Hill have been playing on loop this week.

The Obama/Biden bromance – I can’t believe that the current POTUS/VP duo have to step down next week and make room for … that man. Just like the rest of the Internet, I love them, but not just for all the Internet memes going around. I recommend watching this video, seeing Obama give Biden the Medal of Freedom. Spoiler: Biden wasn’t the only one who shed a tear.

What have been the highlights of your week?



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