To the People Who Told Me Trump is Better Than Hillary

It’s been a week since Trump’s inauguration (and no, the crowds were not the biggest in history despite what “alternative facts” might suggest). I’ve refrained from writing anything related to Tiny Hands so far because I’ve been trying to digest everything he’s done in this first week alone. But each one of you in so many words said to me back in November: Trump is better than that crook Hillary.

Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion as much as I am entitled to mine … the privileges of free speech and democracy are ones I try to not take for granted. I love having a say in the direction our country goes in even if the politicians don’t always listen. Even if my arguments aren’t always perfectly formed and informed.

Even though none of us live in the US, we are all educated people. We have a grasp on politics, one of us even studied it for university, whilst another one of us graduated from Cambridge. We are informed to an adequate level, and we take an interest in current affairs. I don’t know why, but I think that’s important to remember.

I’ve watched Trump reinstate the global gag rule, and I’ve voiced my disgust at pro-lifers stating that abortion will make women more “personally responsible” which in my eyes immediately dismisses stats on women who have an abortion as a result of being raped. Let’s us not also forget the obvious: sex isn’t a one person act that women instil onto men.

As a woman, seeing a bunch of men making decisions on women’s bodies almost reduced me to tears. Perhaps you think I’m being dramatic here, but when will things change for us? How did we move so far forward to suddenly move so far back?

All three of you are men. Straight, white men on decent incomes. I won’t generalise all straight, white males because I don’t believe you all love Trump and every one of his policies. I have many straight, white male friends on decent incomes that show the same disgust towards Trump that others do. I saw the photos of the Women’s March with men standing in support of women; the women in their lives and the women of the future.

But it’s easy for you to say “let’s wait and see what Trump does” or “Trump is better than the crooked Hillary” when his executive orders aren’t threatening any part of your identity. It’s easy for you to wait and see what happens when key parts of your identity do not have a history of oppression or discrimination.

In between every paragraph I’m writing, I’m switching to the tab I have open on Twitter, reading real time stories on people being turned away at airports thanks to Tiny Hands’ Muslim ban. One of you has always proudly told me about your Iranian heritage, and yet this executive order places a freeze on travel to the US by citizens from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Sudan. Do you still think Trump is better than Hillary?

There are tweets upon tweets of stories of people who have lived in the US most of their lives, visas suddenly rendered useless, and joint nationality passport holders who are too scared to leave the country in case they won’t be able to return. This is the kind of real we are facing in the world now.

So, to the people who told me back in November that Trump is better than Hillary: do you still think that?


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