6 Times This Week Absolutely Kicked Ass

When life happens, it happens. Last Friday I was catapulted knee deep into life at 98mph, and the seven days that followed were some of the most hectic and mentally exhausting ones. But it’s been an absolute gem, full of so many wonderful moments and things.

I decided to swap my usual Saturday post format with this one because weeks like this don’t happen often. I entered this year with a quiet whisper to the universe to be kinder in all areas of my life, and I’m so grateful that this week has been full of the light I couldn’t see at the end of the tunnel just a couple of weeks before.

Not all job interviews are absolutely horrendous – I know people who relish the prospect of job interviews but they make me want to curl up in the corner of a dark room as I imagine some kind of scenario that wouldn’t be out of place in The Devil Wears Prada. But you know what? It wasn’t at all as bad as I had imagined and it was a bit like chatting to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I have no idea what my interviewer thought of me at least I didn’t absolutely humiliate myself.

Being a wingwoman – A friend of mine asked me if I could subtly be his wingwoman this week, and since I loved the idea of playing Cupid I happily obliged. It’s still early days yet but the way he thanked me for helping him made me feel all kinds of fuzzy and pretty chuffed.

I completely aced my to do list – All those errands I have to do around the house fell by the wayside this week (interview prep and time for self-care took priority), but I’ve been smashing it on the productivity levels at work. Is there anything greater than hitting Friday afternoon with everything ticked off the list? I swear by Wunderlist to jot down my weekly list of tasks and meetings.

I shared the love – I started making an effort to tell people when I appreciate something they’ve done or if I admire their work because those little touches really can make someone’s day. There was a lot of that this week … and spreading the love made me feel good.

I stuck to my January financial goals – As I do at the end of every month, I did a quick analysis of my spending for January. On the whole I stuck to my budget; I spent less than I had budgeted for with groceries and my ‘fun money’ which includes beauty treatments, clothes, entertainment and meals out didn’t exceed my £100 limit. It still needs a bit of ironing out though because why the hell is petrol so expensive these days?

I bought a house – I’m pinching myself as I write this. After a few stressful months, house contracts were finally exchanged and I can now say, I’m picking up the keys to my house in two weeks time! I don’t think it’ll feel real until then, but oh my, this is easily the highlight of the year so far. Pinterest and IKEA are my new best friends.

Expect some home-related posts to make their way onto here, and if anyone would like to see a post on being a first time buyer, let me know. I’m off to celebrate with some serious Pinterest browsing, and cake. Every celebration calls for cake.

What have been the biggest highlights of your week?


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