The Week • The Good Things

I don’t want to be *that* dick who uses their busy schedule as a thinly veiled brag at how important they are, exclaiming: “OMG, my life is soooo busy”.

But I think I’m suffering from a minor case of burn out. 2017 has been an emotionally exhausting one so far – it started with trying to get over M and the week that I felt so incredibly down, to the week where all these wonderful things happened to me.

There’s not really been an in between.

On top of that, moving house seems to be constantly on my mind. Which utilities companies do I need to call today? Have I sorted out my council tax? Where are all the decent grey sofas at? Being an adult is all fun and games.

Simple dinners – Sometimes the most delicious meals are the ones that are put together by eating all the leftovers in the fridge. That’s exactly how my dinners have looked this week. My favourite: ham, mushroom and pea pasta with a cheese sauce made from Philadelphia.

L’Oreal True Match foundation – I finished my second bottle of this L’Oreal foundation this week and purchased my third without a second thought. I love this foundation; it provides a medium coverage but it feels so light on the skin.

The Moorside – I loved the BBC drama on the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, and I really believe Sheridan Smith and the rest of the cast deserve all the positive reviews they’ve received. Watch the first part on iPlayer now in time for the concluding episode on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, one of my best friends is coming to visit after FIVE years apart. I suspect it’ll be a rather expensive weekend but it’s not like I see her often, is it? I can’t wait to create some memories with her.


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