The Silent Treatment

For a moment I thought I had it all in place. The perfect trifecta; a new house, a new job, and M was back in my life. 2017 had gotten off to a terrific start and I was quietly smug about it. Genuinely grateful but a bit smug too.

But things with M started to take a down turn recently – he got annoyed at me because I’d supposedly kept blocking him on WhatsApp (which definitely wasn’t the case), and it baffled me something like that would cause him to be so unhappy with me when he did his fair share of dishing out the shit. Why was he going all teenage girl on me?

He slept with someone then lied about it, and then confessed to having a girlfriend. But somehow, I had allegedly done something so much worse than all of that in his eyes. I didn’t get it. I still don’t.

I can’t help but think there are bigger issues underneath the surface here. I have no idea what though. There are answers I need. What had I done exactly? Why was he annoyed? But when I asked, he told me to leave it and I did but only because I thought he’d dealt with it. I don’t have the answers I want but he’s also not communicating with me either. How is a girl supposed to win here?

Is it too naive of me to think that these things will resolve themselves naturally? Positivity attracts positivity after all.


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