The Week • The Good Things

Nothing says wild twenties like crying in bed at 11.30pm on a Friday night. My chilled out Friday evening turned into me being an emotional mess. Smooth.

This week has been full of just about everything.

I found out I got the job I interviewed for earlier this month, a friend who I haven’t seen in five years came to stay, I handed in my notice at my current job, I got emotional about all the kind things colleagues said and wondered if I made the right decision, s**t hit the fan at work (about a colleague, not me), M got pissed off with me because I didn’t have any 3G or WiFi on my phone for 24 hours, I got to see the beautiful Jamie Dornan on the big screen, and I picked up the keys to my very first home.

I’m mentally exhausted.

My first home – After months of sitting on tenterhooks, I finally picked up the keys to my first very home last night. Once the old owner left I had a look around the empty property, trying to absorb it all in. I felt so overwhelmed by it all I sat at the top of the stairs and had a little sob. I still can’t quite believe it.

Times with friends – When my friend came to stay last weekend she kept commenting that even though we hadn’t seen each other in five years, it didn’t feel as if so much time had passed. The sign of a true friendship. Our weekend wasn’t full to the brim with plans but we enjoyed sharing a blanket on the sofa chatting about guys, dating and the future. It sounds so simple yet it’s something we so rarely do.

New Look sale – I love shopping New Look’s sale online as there’s always a bit of a bargain to be had. I picked up a dress and a couple of pairs of trousers for £8 each. Plus I couldn’t empty out the sales rail without a striped top purchase, could I?

Life is all change at the moment; the end of an era in my career and the start of a new adventure, and of course, standing on the first rung of the property ladder. I’m going to count my blessings, then head for a gin and a lie down 😉


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