The Good Things • Nostalgia, Goodbyes & Fresh Starts

It’s probably no secret that I’m glad to see the back of last week. In between shouting matches with my Mum, temporarily falling out with one of my friends and everything with M, the end of February and the start of March didn’t feel so kind to me.

This week has been made of different fabric entirely.

You see, it was my last week at my current job. I’ve loved working there for the last two years – I was employed as a trainee, learnt an incredible amount (more than I ever thought I would), and given responsibility for managing the company’s largest account within my first eight months. It’s been a wonderful era. But I’m excited to see what the future holds.

As for M, I’m over it. In the most part, anyway. I’ve accepted things won’t change unless he wants to (and I doubt he does) because there’s only so much I can do. I’ve tried. No, it’s not the outcome I wanted but I don’t obsess over his online status anymore and I feel a hell of a lot better.

What made me see the light of day, you ask? An article aptly named: Date Someone Who Treats You Like Shit. As I sat on my bathroom floor last night reading it, I nodded along to everything the writer had to say. I could relate to the behaviours and thoughts far too well and only one person’s face popped into my mind when I read it … M’s. In that moment, something clicked. In the most part I’m over it. But what happens when or i he comes back (because they do, don’t they?), how will I react then? I’m not sure.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my weekend. It’s Friday night, I’m in my PJs and I have a cup of tea with some Jaffa cakes. I’m planning on a relaxed one of copious Gilmore Girls episodes, the rugby, YouTube videos, and some serious down time before I start my new job on Monday.

Fresh start, I’m coming for you.


Things I’ve loved this week: Laura Jane Williams’ stellar writing advice (exactly what I needed to get back onto the writing wagon), and this video of Emma Watson giving advice to people at Grand Central station.


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