The Good Things • All in the Name of Productivity

This week started with good intentions, and a detailed to do list to bat away any OMG, I have no time anxiety I’ve been feeling lately. As tasks got crossed off the list at a rapid rate, I was on a productivity high. The world really did feel like my oyster, as I danced into my new way of life as the productivity queen.

But the self-made crown soon tilted off my head as I fell ill with some sort of bug on Thursday night. The kind of illness that made me sleep from 8pm on Thursday to 4pm on Friday, stuck between a state of shivering to a feverish temperature, and wondering if I was going to vomit. Nice.

It’s 09:07am on Saturday morning and even though my stomach isn’t feeling quite right and my appetite isn’t back yet, I’m ready to kick this week back into productive shape. Let me straighten that crown once more.

PS. This week I’ve been loving the mid-season sales from Zara and River Island. The River Island skirt that I always thought was a little too dear for what it is finally went on sale for £12. Life’s small wins.


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