The £30 ‘I’ve Got My Life Together’ Dress

It’s not often that you’ll hear me raving about a clothing purchase, but this dress. This dress, it’s the dress of dreams.

After being ill in bed all of Friday and blitzing through my to do list on Saturday morning, the agenda for the afternoon involved a touch of retail therapy, and some much needed Vitamin D in the spring sunshine.

And as soon as I tried on this dress, I felt really damn good.

The frill detailing across the shoulders, the sheer and flute sleeves … the things I didn’t think I’d like – the things I don’t usually like – are the very things I love about this dress. And the hem length, did I mention how perfect it is for my 5″0 frame? I think that’s a statement only petite girls can truly, truly appreciate. It sits above my knee, and subtly shows off my runner’s legs in the best way possible. Damn right too, I didn’t put the miles in for these legs to be hidden.

It’s a tiny bit oversized (I went for the size down), but oh my, it’s so flattering. For the first time in a long time, I was really happy with the reflection in the mirror.

Paired with some strappy black heels that have been hiding in the back of my wardrobe and my trusty leather jacket, that’s Friday night’s outfit planned. And possibly even next month’s trip to London. And if I swap the heels for my new pair of suede loafers, I can turn this dress into a work outfit too. I love versatility, but all of this for £30? Topshop, you’re spoiling me.

(PS. I also got my breakup haircut on Thursday. It’s not a drastic change but the shortest my hair has been in a while, plus it has an accidental wave in it that makes it look as if I’ve put some effort into styling it. This dress plus my breakup haircut? It absolutely sucks to be M right now.)

Dress – Topshop | Suede loafers – Topshop | NYX Soft Matte Cream in Stockholm


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