The Good Things • An Ode to Vitamin D

Oh Vitamin D, you glorious thing. Ever since we turned the clocks forward last weekend, there’s been an extra spring in my step thanks to my trusty friend: vitamin D. It makes me feel so damn good.

It’s a combination of light evenings and being able to head out for a run without layering up like the Michelin Man that makes me want to do everything, and also absolutely nothing. It’s the sunshine that hits my skin as I’m walking, and the slight breeze that I’m welcomed with as I run. Give me all the endorphins. It’s making plans with friends because I no longer want to hibernate for weeks on end, and it’s leaving the house without a jacket or cardigan.

I can’t pinpoint it on anything else because my life hasn’t been that exciting this week: but I’m so very happy. It makes a change, huh?


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