Discovering My Personal Style

Personal style is always something I’ve struggled to get to grips with. Finding out where my style fits in between descriptions of vintage cool and rock chick has, at times, felt like an endless maze.

It’s taken me a while to realise that just because my personal style doesn’t fit firmly within a descriptive header, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And nor does it have to

It’s black bodysuits tucked into patterned a-line skirts for work; it’s a delicate dress with frills paired with a black leather jacket so I don’t come across as too girly; it’s loafer shoes with dresses, black skinny jeans, and patterned trousers; it’s skinny jeans and a striped top at my most casual; and it’s all-black everything and rarely straying away from neutral hues. It’s no coincidence that these outfits are the kind I feel most confident in.

Understanding my personal style and what suits me has helped me to put the joy back into shopping, and it’s also made me shop less, which is a bonus right? So as much as I admire my friend whose style is always ‘out there’, and the friend who makes vintage, Dad style jumpers paired with Doc Martens look effortlessly cool, I’ll leave these things firmly on the rail next time.


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