The Good Things • Optimism is Back in Fashion

On paper, it would suggest I haven’t achieved all that much this week. No big milestones ticked off, and I certainly failed at being a social butterfly (not that I’m complaining). But it’s been an enriching one, and I can’t be dissatisfied with that.

I’ve always been a reader. As a child, the highlight of my school holidays was going to my local bookshop trying to work out how the hell I could whittle down my five book choices down to one or two, whilst my Mum carried at her errands in town. My book choices have changed a lot since then, and as other pursuits have taken priority, lately I’ve been forcing my hand at shorter, thought-stimulating pieces over a fiction book. Because I can’t not read every day. This week, I’ve loved ‘What is Your Happiness Formula?‘ by Jenny Blake, and catching up on every post on The Financial Diet.

Yesterday, I attended BrightonSEO – a conference for search marketers – for the first time, and I came away with a long list of things I can’t wait to implement at work next week. I’m forever trying to explain what I do 9-5 to my family, friends, and colleagues who don’t work in the Marketing department, so there was something quite refreshing about seeing rooms full of people who get it. I wonder if their family and friends are equally as clueless? I also bumped into my manager from my first Marketing role. I love it when the past and present worlds collide.

There’s a new surge of optimism, excitement, and hope. I’ve come out of the winter hibernation, and feeling as if I’m capable of anything and everything. I’m ready to turn all of those ‘maybe one day’ dreams into ‘let’s get started on them today’ tasks. I know the sunshine has a lot to play, it helps me forget my stresses even if only temporary, but I’m feeling good.


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