BRB, I’m Busy

After a productive weekend of writing lessons for the course I’m teaching, pizza making, household chores, a run and plenty of chances to relax, I started this week with high hopes. High hopes of productive evenings, and getting ahead on the many side projects I’ve got going on in my life before Easter weekend.

But, ah, the age old expectation vs. reality got to me, didn’t it? In a bid to be productive (in case I didn’t make that obvious above) I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, and I already feel like the week is a write off. All because I’m desperately trying to be productive, if I didn’t make that obvious!) because my head can’t get into the two posts I tasked myself with writing this evening.

Do I have too many side projects waiting to be created? Probably. Should I cut myself some slack, and give myself a proper break without worrying too much about productivity? Most definitely. I suppose I need to list out my side hobbies in priority, because something’s gotta give, right? And as much as I love writing, I’m starting to think this blog needs to take a back seat, at least until things calm down a bit. I’ve started the last two years wishing to be as busy as I can be, and sure as hell, life is damn busy at the moment. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(PS. As this post goes live, I’m making my way to London to catch up with my university friends where I’ll soon forget about productivity and focus on having a good time with some wonderful people!)


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