Let’s Have a Catch Up

I’m currently sat on my living room floor surrounded by notebooks, my weekly to do list, and the remains of a delicious cuppa. This bank holiday weekend has started. I wish I could say my days will be filled with all the glamour and all the adventure, but that’s simply not the case. Unless you consider a bank appointment on a Saturday morning as adventurous.

I suppose I should catch you up on what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve opened up WordPress to write, and I feel refreshed. I have to admit, I had a bit of blog fatigue towards the end of March, so it felt good to take a little break.

I had a date lined up last week with the first guy I’ve really liked since M. But, being lied to so recently made me question every single thing he said, as I was almost waiting for him to trip up or show his true colours. It was completely unfair to him, and I realised I wasn’t ready to date or to be vulnerable with anyone, just yet. We kept things open with the possibility of meeting up once I’m ready, but I won’t hold out for it. And talking of M, I owe you guys an update on that. I think that’s one for another time though.

But, it was a reminder of sorts – to be kind to myself, to take things easier, to have that lie in if I need to, and to treat myself to delicious food on the weekend even if it takes me a tenner over my monthly budget. So, what?

I’ve been pouring my creative energy into writing the book I keep talking about, too.  It’s still early days (I’m about 5000 words down after 10 days) but I’ve changed the concept, and I’m finding it a whole lot easier to write.

I suppose that’s it on the update. So, what do you guys have planned for the long weekend? Other than that bank appointment, mine is full of writing (for the book and for submission online), reading, running, buying furniture, and celebrating my Mama’s birthday … hopefully a mixture of productivity, relaxation, socialisation, and rest!


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