May To Do List

I see the start of a new month as a good time to wipe the slate clean, and a fresh start to make a dent on our goals. After a bit of a tough March and April, this blank new slate was also a chance to try again. There were a lot of negative emotions involved, but I did manage to finish writing that course I kept talking about, and it gave me a new lease of life.

The first week of May has gotten off to a ruddy good start, and I’m feeling good about myself. Here’s a few things I’ve been doing this week that I want to continue with:

Exercise more – Not having a race to train for has made me incredibly lazy this year, and I’m on a mission to get fit again (mainly because I want to hit some PBs this year). I want to mix up my routine a bit so I’m aiming to attend two gym classes this month, along with my usual running. Baby steps, baby steps.

Getting published online – I’ve been trying to take my writing to the next level, and to gain a bit more exposure. So, I was delighted this week when two articles I wrote were published online! They both focus on the same theme, life after heartbreak. The first one was a ThoughtCatalog article reminding myself and others that life is good even if we carry heavy, broken hearts around. The second is featured SheKnows (previously BlogHer) talking about how heartbreak taught me that I am good enough. If you read them, let me know, I’ll be forever grateful! Hopefully, there’ll be more in the pipeline soon.

Some more self-care time – This week has been the perfect mix of self-care and being productive. Evenings spent dedicated solely to reading in bed after dinner instead of slogging away on my word count. And you know what? It was probably my favourite evening of the week.

What’s on your list?


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