Self-Care: Taking It Easy

I love to-do lists with tick boxes, and that sweet sense of achievement when those boxes get filled. I spend a few minutes each Sunday planning out the week ahead – scheduling in errands, events I’m heading to, and content I’m writing, and even TV programmes to watch. But I panic a bit when it gets to 11.30am on a Saturday, and “all” I’ve done that morning is a zumba class. It feels like I’m wasting time not achieving something 24/7, because I’ve chosen to watch another 30 minute episode of 8 Simple Rules with my breakfast instead of cleaning the house.

But with the bank holiday last week and somehow managing to get more done over the weekend than I had anticipated, I took the afternoon and evening to relax before heading to work the next day. I made myself a thai green curry from scratch, caught up on YouTube videos, and then retreated to my bed at 8pm with a book, a couple of Lindt Easter chocolates, and a delicious cuppa. I turned on my bedside lamp, and propped myself up with cushions and pillows.

And you know what? The world didn’t implode because I chose to use that time for self-care. The world carried on spinning even though I didn’t make a dent in my word count that evening. In fact, I felt refreshed and really happy by the time Tuesday morning came along because I’d been productive and felt like I had a break.

So, that’s where we are this week. I’ve got a to-do list that includes a whole lot of self-care scheduled in – exercise, taking time to read again, the smallest amount of retail therapy, and whatever else I fancy.

We might be getting to summer, but I’m all for cosy nights in.


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