Why I’ve Been a Bit AWOL

Sitting down to write is one of my favourite hobbies, it’s a cathartic and therapeutic process that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. Before, it was scribbling down short stories in pencil, and now it’s publishing a post on a blog. I suppose this is even more reason to explain why I’ve started so many posts lately with ‘sorry I haven’t written in a while’ or some sort of variation of that, all the while fully aware that most of you haven’t noticed my absence.

Let me start by stating the obvious: moving house is time-consuming. I didn’t even have that much in the way of possessions, nor did the house I bought need that much doing to it beyond general aesthetics and the wear and tear that is normal when you buy a house from a family of four. But, it’s still keeping me busy nonetheless. There always seems to be something to buy, IKEA to go to, and something to research. There’s stillĀ a lot that needs to be bought and decided, but I’m loving this nest I’m creating (and the fact I can be entirely selfish with it).

Then, a few things happened. I’m not willing to give air time to them, except that I suspected someone who I didn’t want to had started reading this blog. For weeks on end, my page views have been sitting at their average – give or take a couple of peaks – and then suddenly, overnight, there were big spikes in traffic. The three days after the ‘incident’ saw more page views than April and May put together. Perhaps I sound paranoid, but analysing the stats and the ‘coincidence’ of timings were enough reasons for me to put my blog on private, and take a break.

I’m feeling refreshed (and happier!), and really excited for what I’ve got planned over the next couple of months. I love documenting a small portion of my life here, there and everywhere on the internet, so thanks for being part of that journey.


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